Tuition & Fees

Boston University Online Program Tuition Rates

For online students enrolling at Boston University, there is a fall semester (September through December, comprising both Fall 1 and Fall 2 online sessions), a spring semester (January through May, comprising both Spring 1 and Spring 2 online sessions), and a Summer 1 semester and a Summer 2 semester. Online students who study on a part-time basis each semester or during Summer Term (undergraduate: 1-12 credits; graduate: 1-11.5 credits) are charged the University’s online per-credit tuition and fee charges as noted. Online students who exceed these per-semester credit limits will be charged the University’s full-time tuition rates. Full-time students may not be charged the student services fee for certain semesters. Please note, when dropping a course the $60 student services fee may be non-refundable depending on when the course is dropped.

For information not listed, contact your academic program or department or see Tuition & Fees on the Office of the University Registrar site.


**Note: A technology fee was assigned to most online courses at Boston University prior to the 2019-2020 academic year.