Tyler Perrachione

  • Phone (617) 358 7410
  • Education PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    MA, Northwestern University
Associate Professor of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College

Research Interests

Communication neuroscience is the study of how the brain and nervous system control the sending, receiving, and understanding of messages. In humans, most messages are sent using spoken language and are received by listening to other speakers. As such, understanding the brain bases of speech perception and production are at the core of our lab’s research. In addition to the content of our speech, when we speak our voices convey a wealth of information about who we are, where we’re from, and how we feel. We pay attention to all these cues about other people when we interact with them. We can even share ideas across vast time and distance through reading and writing.

Our research approaches these questions about human communication from two avenues. First, we conduct insightful behavioral experiments to discover the factors that enhance, limit, or differentiate our communicative capacities. Second, we utilize sensitive, state-of-the-art technologies for human brain imaging (including structural and functional MRI, EEG, and neuromodulatory techniques) to understand the dynamic neural systems that support communicative behaviors. Our approach is grounded in a systems neuroscience framework — we want to understand whether complex communicative behaviors like speech and language can be understood as extensions of general-purpose processes for perception and learning.

Lab Webpage: Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory

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