COVID-19 Information

Our return-to-work plan

While we are no longer required to have a return-to-work plan in place, we aren’t going quite back to normal yet. I will highlight the changes from ‘normal’ below.

  1. Face masks are still required. Researchers should put a clean mask on when they enter the center, and participants will receive an MR safe one in their scrub packet. You no longer have to take your own or the participant’s temperature.
  2. We will keep in place several of our enhanced cleaning procedures. Please see the handout for details. Cleaning Guidelines 061521
  3. Any number of people can be in the control room. Please try to have a green badge and yellow badge present for scanning. If you do not have the required staff, please choose staff assistance when you book. We are happy help train or re-train lab members to help you reach the green/yellow badge staff needed.
  4. We will have a 30 min gap between scans. This will allow time for cleaning, and allow us all to remember how to rush! If you want to scan back-to-back, say you have to scans from the same lab, you are welcome to, just make sure you can get the cleaning required done.
  5. Participants will still receive a packet with scrubs, water, MR safe mask, and socks.
  6. We will alternate between the two shelves of pillows and the two lockers throughout the day.
  7. Stephanie will generally help with scans on Monday and Tuesday, Shruthi with those on Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will currently be reserved for silver badge users.
  8. Participants will still be allowed to remove their mask once they are alone in the scanner room.
  9. We are increasing capacity to 4 groups in the behavioral testing hallway.

In general, if a group or individual wants to continue a practice – such as social distancing or wearing a face shield, we will try to accommodate this. Please reach out.

Map to the side entrance.

The center is marked by a yellow star. You want to find the courtyard to the right of the building (red X), and then walk around to the backside (red arrow). Walk along the back of the building until you see a door on your left. After you enter the building, turn right down a little hallway, you will see a sign for the center at the end (above the drinking fountain).

Shows how to find the side entrance to the Kilachand Center by starting in the grass courtyard and walking around the back of the building .

Symptom screening

Participants should be screened 24 hours in advance and then on the day of scanning.

Updated Study Participant COVID-19 Symptom 090120

This form is two pages.

Page 1:

  • Should be used during participant recruitment.
  • Participants should be screened to determine if they are high risk or increased risk. If they are high risk then you should not enroll them unless your Research Recovery Plan allows for it. Increased risk participants can be enrolled after careful consideration.
  • The bottom of page 1 lists what should be discussed with participants on enrollment, make sure you hit all the points. The IRB also has a handout that you can give participants that includes a lot of the same information:

Page 2:

  • The second page is a symptom checklist that should be done 24 hours before, and the day of the scan.
  • You will keep this page for your records.

IRB information

Here is the link to the BU IRB site:

Here is a handout for participants created by BU:

Given you no longer have to submit a Return to Work plan, you should not have to update your IRB. However, if you decide to in order to add remote consenting or to edit your population, they suggest you should make changes contingent upon the pandemic. For instance, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be restricting participant recruitment to the BU community”. This way you will not have to change it when the pandemic ends.

We recommend reaching out to your IRB representative if you have any questions.

Environmental Health and Safety information – including cleaning policies and return-to-work information

Here is the main website:
And one focusing on COVID-19 information: