Frank Guenther

Professor Frank Guenther
  • Phone (617) 353 5765
  • Education PhD, Boston University
    MS, Princeton University
Professor of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, BU College of Engineering

Research Interests

Frank Guenther is a professor of speech language & hearing sciences and biomedical engineering at Boston University. His research combines theoretical modeling with behavioral and neuroimaging experiments to characterize the neural computations underlying speech. He is the originator of the DIVA model, which provides a quantitative account of the neural computations underlying speech motor control and their breakdown in communication disorders such as stuttering and apraxia of speech. He also develops brain-machine interfaces to restore speech communication to individuals suffering from locked-in syndrome, characterized by complete paralysis with intact cognition.

Lab Webpage: Speech Neuroscience Lab (Guenther Lab)

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