Focus in Nanomedicine

The Focus in Nanomedicine will NOT be offered for the 2023/24 Academic Year.

Below is a video of the Informational Webinar led by Nanomedicine Focus Faculty Director and BUnano Center Director, Professor Mark Grinstaff, 1/8/2018:

Nanotechnologies present new opportunities for advancing medical science and disease treatment in human health care. The Focus Area in Nanomedicine was developed for MS students in Biomedical Engineering who seek to apply nanoscience and nanotechnology to medical challenges. This program offers students a structured path for acquiring unique interdisciplinary knowledge and skill sets to advance and distinguish themselves in this growing sector. Graduates are prepared to use their nanotechnology skills in industry and consulting careers or future training in MD, PhD, or MD/PhD programs.

Students who opt to complete the MS with a Focus in Nanomedicine fulfill the standard Biomedical Engineering MS requirements, but their coursework will be concentrated on nanomedicine topics and their project must directly relate to challenges in nanomedicine. Elective courses are drawn from the College of Engineering, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Medical School, to expose students to the range of faculty expertise and perspectives that inform this interdisciplinary field. Through coursework and guided research, students focusing on nanomedicine will learn how to integrate knowledge, ideas, and skills from multiple disciplines, to apply nanotechnology to medical challenges.

The MS in Biomedical Engineering with a Focus in Nanomedicine is the vision of BUnano in collaboration with the Department of Medicine’s Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research and the College of Engineering.  We foster clinician and scientist collaborations through interactions at all stages of research and pre-clinical development. This collaborative program is part of BUnano’s commitment to interdisciplinary research and training of young scientists and bridges the resources of the School of Medicine and the College of Engineering. (The Focus in Nanomedicine will not be offered in the 2023/24 academic year)