The Boston University Nanotechnology Innovation Center (BUnano) is a collaborative research center that includes faculty members from ten departments from the Colleges of Engineering and Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine. The Center’s mission is to promote a vibrant and dynamic community for nano-related disciplines at BU.  Our objectives are to advance research and education in nanoscience and nanotechnology and to achieve significant growth in research support.

We achieve these objectives by:

  • Providing seed funding for collaborative research and development;
  • Developing large, interdisciplinary grant proposals;
  • Funding graduate students;
  • Organizing targeted workshops and symposia.

To accelerate the development and deployment of nanotechnology innovations that be used to meet key challenges in medicine, energy and materials science, the Center builds linkages between researchers and technology commercialization resources at BU, including the Photonics Center, the Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care (CFTCC) the Cancer Research Center, the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovations.  The BUnano Center also serves as focal point for interactions with peer universities, Boston-area hospitals, industry, and government to accelerate advances in the field of nanoscience.