XTNC Journal Club

The XTNC journal club meets monthly with the goal of furthering understanding of nanoscience and nanotechnologies for medicine.  Journal club is open to interested members of the BU community.  The club meets each month during fall and spring semesters to discuss articles regarding nanotechnologies for medicine.

Topics are chosen based on member interest.  Previous topics have included:

  • Reticuloendothelial System (RES) and how it interacts with nano- and microparticles
  • EPR effect
  • Understanding microbe-induced cancers
  • Top-down particle fabrication – control of size and shape for diagnostic imaging and drug delivery
  • Microfluidics for cancer research
  • Multi-drug resistance in cancer cells
  • Surface-based Immunoassays

Meeting time and location for 2015-16:  coming soon!

For additional information about the BU Nanomedicine Journal Club, please contact Christine Yoon at cjyoon@bu.edu.