Xi Ling

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

SCI 273

Research Interests: The Ling Group focuses their research interests on the fundamental science and applications of nanomaterials and their hybrid structures. They specialized in the synthesis of two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials, their characterization through spectroscopy, and their implementation to develop novel nanodevices. They aim to use their interdisciplinary knowledge to (1) explore an effective method to synthesize functional hybrid nanostructures directly in a controlled manner, (2) reveal the physical nature of such nanomaterials and the interface phenomenon of their hybrid structures using advanced spectroscopy techniques, and (3) develop high performance, multifunctional flexible and transparent devices for energy conversion and chemical sensing. The group shares their core values of learning, innovation, integrity, collaboration and service.

Website: https://www.bu.edu/chemistry/faculty/ling/ 

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