BUnano Annual Symposium

Upcoming Symposium
2022-23 – Dates and speakers will be announced in Spring 2022.
Past Symposia


2019 – FF02—2D Nanomaterials-Based Nanofluidics, held in conjunction with the  2019 Fall MRS meeting in Boston. It was organized by BUnano Faculty Dr. Chuanhua Duan.  Symposium Keynote Speaker was the 2010 Physics Nobel Laureate Prof. Andre Geim. The symposium and the following reception were co-sponsored by the BU Mechanical Engineering Department and the MRS.
2018 – Biomedical Applications for Nanomedicine, held November 26, 2018, with keynote speaker Dr. Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University. Please visit the symposium page for a list of speakers and abstracts. 2019 Symposium Speakers . Talks were followed by BUnano’s Terrier Tank Competition and student poster reception.
2017-  BUnano Inaugural Symposium held on May 2, 2017 with keynote speech by Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell pm “Optical Microscopy: The Resolution Revolution”.