MBA Specializations

MBA Specializations


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Stand out in your chosen field – customize your Questrom MBA with a specialization.


Pursuing an MBA with a specialization will open many doors. Don’t worry about being pigeonholed—you can tailor your specialty MBA. We give you options so that you gain the skills you need to thrive in any sector.

Social Impact MBA

Do you want a career that empowers you to make a positive impact on society and the natural environment? Our Social Impact MBA program is fully integrated with Questrom’s general MBA program—so you’ll take the same core business courses and earn the same degree. But with a special focus, you’ll gain the deep knowledge and skills that will prepare you for a meaningful career in the social impact space.

Study What Matters to You

Here, you’ll master the full array of business fundamentals and—in addition—you’ll be able to specialize in areas such as:

  • social entrepreneurship
  • sustainable energy and environment
  • global health
  • responsible for-profit business
  • sustainable finance
  • impact investing
  • nonprofit management

Through global field seminars, consulting projects, case competitions, guest speakers, classroom activities, and more, you’ll engage directly with academic experts and industry leaders in the social impact field.

Join Our Impact-driven Community

What unites our students is a strong passion for creating positive change and showing leadership in tackling society’s most urgent environmental, economic, and social challenges. Whether you choose to study full time or part time, prepare to join a vibrant, impact-driven community, develop lifelong bonds with your classmates, and connect with our engaged Social Impact MBA alumni network. Other schools view social impact as an afterthought—at Questrom, it’s front and center.

Health Sector MBA

Boston is a hub for healthcare innovation, leading the nation in research and discovery in the health and life sciences. In fact, the city is #1 among Top Ten U.S. clusters for biopharma, and a leading city for academic medical centers in the world. Questrom’s Health Sector MBA (HSM) program is your ticket to all of it.

Target Your MBA for Success

Interested in health services delivery, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or diagnostics? The HSM program will prepare you to lead in this fast-growing industry no matter which health or life sciences path you take. As the #1 in U.S. and #2 in healthcare management (Ed Universal 2021), Questrom ensures that you develop the insight and expertise you need to make a difference. Add a targeted health sector focus to your MBA and you’ll be ready to dive right into this competitive marketplace with skills and confidence.

Nationally-known Expert Professors

Questrom is home to some of the nation’s top health sector researchers and practitioners. Your HSM professors will bring their expertise directly to you in the classroom every day, covering everything from digital health and drugs to devices and diagnostics. They’ll also make sure you’re on top of industry trends like new market forces, consumer driven healthcare, cost sensitivity, and new policies impacting the health care and biopharma regulatory ecosystem.

The HSM Career Advantage

In Boston, it’s predicted that biopharma will add 10,000+ new jobs by 2023. With a Health Sector MBA from Questrom, you’re sure to stand out in a crowded field of competitors. When you join us, we’ll connect you right away with alumni and other top professionals ready to support and guide you through our Health Sector Mentoring Program. After you graduate, you’ll join our vibrant HSM alumni network—a community of more than 2,000 health sector professionals.

MBA + MS in Digital Technology

Questrom’s dual-degree MBA + MSDT program is based in a digital tech hub of the world—Boston. Leveraging our location, you’ll acquire the coding, database management, and analytic skills you’ll need to lead on the tech-based business frontier. At the same time, you’ll get a firm grasp of the business side of technology and learn to lead dynamic teams.

Deep, Rigorous, and Fast-Paced

Earn both an MBA and an MS in Digital Technology at the same time—all in just 21 months. Our program is technically deep, and housed in the business school of a major research university. Multi-disciplinary in nature, it focuses on the integration of business and technology. This means you’ll be taught by technical faculty within the school of business with expertise both in technology and business and how they relate to each other.

Bridge Technology and Business

For more than 20 years, we’ve been integrating business and technology in all of our teaching and research. A recognized leader in educating students on the importance of information technology in the digital age, we’re always seeking new ways to equip the next generation of leaders with the latest tools—so they can make the greatest impact in business and industry. Our curriculum will give you the skills to bridge technology and business functions in a variety of Product Management, Analytics and, Consulting roles.

Connect with the Industry Leaders

Our students participate in a wide range of opportunities beyond the classroom, like company-sponsored projects, site visits, the annual Tech Connect conference, and panel discussions with current tech executives and alumni. Our Boston location is ideal for connections with technical firms, from startups to huge companies across a wide-range of sectors, but especially in finance and biotech.

Kerlyne E. Jean
Health Sector MBA+ MPH
Health Sector Management
Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Kerlyne has been able to tailor her degree to suit her needs and ambitions. That includes working across degree programs in a hands-on learning environment.

In my search for dual degree programs, BU was the only one that I felt offered a well-integrated program that allowed me the flexibility to craft a unique degree for the career I wanted.

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