Online MBA

Online MBA


Earn your MBA,
Wherever You Are.

Eager, ambitious, and ready to earn an MBA from wherever you are? We realize that countless professionals are searching for a high-quality, affordable MBA program that allows them to earn a degree without putting anything in their life on hold. That’s why we decided to launch Questrom’s innovative Online MBA program, giving people across the world the opportunity to earn an MBA from Boston University for $24,000.

Online MBA Program

Intentionally designed from the onset with the global, professionally-experienced learner in mind, the fully Online MBA offers a curriculum rooted in insights gained from over 3,000 industry professionals. It isn’t a virtual version of our on-campus program but rather a highly engaging digitally delivered MBA that embraces peer to peer learning and competency readiness for immediate application to business and industry.

To keep stride with the virtual interconnectedness of today’s business world, the Online MBA is designed to ensure that you’re getting depth and breadth of all business capabilities, focusing on the themes that drive business forward in the 21st century. Comprised of 6 modules, each weaving together core business concepts like finance, accounting, and marketing, you’ll study business the same way you experience it in the real world. Completed in as little as two years, this rigorous and engaging modular curriculum is designed to build your skills and prepare you to make critical decisions in the complex global business ecosystem.

    Module 1

    Creating Value for Business and Society

    Module 2

    Managing Performance with Data

    Module 3

    Leading with Integrity

    Module 4

    Managing Risk

    Module 5

    Leveraging Global Opportunities

    Module 6

    Fostering and Innovative Mindset

With our Online MBA, you can position yourself for success without putting anything in your life on hold.

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