Artemis Project at Boston University

2013 Curriculum

Artemis Orientation 2013

Week 1: July 1 - July 5 (No session on July 4!)

  • Intro to Scratch, Scratch Workshop, and About Me Presentations
  • App Inventor: Design Your Own SmartPhone App! - App Inventor Workshop
  • Hands-On Activity: Glow Sticks with a how-to video

Non computer-based:
  • Introduction: What are Computer Science and Computer Engineering?
  • Careers & Computing: Women in Computer Science and Technology
  • Circuits
  • Guest Speaker: Prof. Leo Reyzin on Cryptography

Field trip: Rock Climbing @ FitRec

Weekly Survey

Week 2: July 8 - 12

Non computer-based:
Field Trip: MIT Museum Structural Engineering: Building Better Bridges and Guided Tour

Weekly Survey

Week 3: July 15 - 19

  • Continuation of Website Projects and Website Presentations
  • Simple Programming: Introduction to Python
  • Presentations: Introduction to Prezi and Prezi Presentations

Non computer-based:
Field Trip: Google Cambridge & MIT Media Lab

Weekly Survey

Week 4: July 22 - 26

  • Introduction to Robotics: Prezi
  • Intorduction to NQC and Lego Mindstorms: Prezi
  • Simple Robotics
  • Robitics Building, Programming, and Testing
  • Robotics Competition

Non-computer based:
Field Trip: SCVNGR

Weekly Survey

Week 5: July 29 - August 2

  • Soldering Programmable Arduino Mini-Synthesizers with the help of Prof. Eric Hazen

Non computer-based:
  • Final Presentation to former coordinators, faculty, and parents!

Final Survey