Cynthia Brossman: Program Manager

Cynthia Brossman is Director of the Boston University Learning Resource Network (LERNet) a center at Boston University dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. LERNet offers programs to K-12 teachers and students that encourage their interest in STEM disciplines and promote awareness both of careers and research in these fields. In addition to AI4ALL, LERNet programs include Artemis, BIOBUGS, Summer Pathways, GROW, and Codebreakers, several of which focus on encouraging young women to pursue STEM.

LERNet also has administered several NSF programs including GLACIER, a GK-12 program focused on Global Change; a Research Experience for Teachers in Biophotonics; PROSTARS (a STEP grant focusing on increasing STEM undergraduate majors); and WIN (Women in Networks), a PAID award.

LERNet also took a lead in forming the Boston Area Girls STEM Collaborative, a coalition of local universities and non-profits that advocates for girls in science and implements programming to increase their participation in STEM activities. LERNet has helped organize their two annual flagship programs, SET in the City and Tech Savvy, for the past ten years.

Kate Saenko: Program Co-Director

Kate Saenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, and the director of the Computer Vision and Learning Group and member of the IVC Group. She received her PhD from MIT. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science at UMass Lowell, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the International Computer Science Institute, a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley EECS and a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University. Her research interests are in the broad area of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Adaptive Machine Learning, Learning for Vision and Language Understanding, and Deep Learning.

Sarah Adel Bargal: Program Co-Director

Sarah is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Image and Video Computing Group in the Department of Computer Science at Boston University. She is also an IBM PhD fellow, and a Hariri Graduate Fellow. Her research interests lie in the intersection of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Sarah's research lies in the intersection of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Sarah received her MSc from the American University in Cairo, after which she became a lecturer of Computer Science at the Gulf University for Science and Technology.