Coordinators - 2021

Michelle Zyman - Computer Science major

I am a senior at Boston University obtaining my bachelors in Computer science. I am interest in the world of biotechnology where my two passions come together, medicine and technology. Since I was a child my dream was to help others which evolved into helping others with the usage of technology.

Tabitha Oanda (Tabby) - Computer Science major

I am a senior at Boston University majoring in Computer Science. I really enjoy bringing my code to life via robotics. My favorite robot is my robotic arm built using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. When I'm not busy in school or working on my robotics projects, I like to engage in aerial arts and reading Economics. My favorite author is Thomas Sowell.

Rana Boustany - Biomedical Engineering masters

I am a graduate student at Boston University studying Biomedical Engineering. I am highly interested in the applications of AI in Healthcare and the use of innovative technologies to improve daily life. My hobbies include playing sports, gardening, and making clothes.

Fangrui Huang - Computer Science and Math major

I am a math and computer science major of class 2023. I am interested in the intersection between neuroscience and AI. During free time, I enjoy exploring the Boston area, cooking food and buying flowers.

Olivia Gillman - Computer Science major

I am a Computer Science major at Tufts University. I am involved in research on campus as well as club volleyball and ultimate frisbee. My interests lie in applying CS and AI to other fields such as healthcare, and I am a member of the MIT Sandbox Long Covid & Lyme Entrepreneurship Program. Additionally, I was a participant in BU's AI4ALL program back in 2018!