Vol. 21.1 – Winter 2015


Is Bitcoin a Security?

by Jeffrey E. Alberts & Bertrand Fry

News From Above: First Amendment Implications of the Federal Aviation Administration Ban on Commercial Drones

by Cynthia D. Love, Sean T. Lawson, & Avery E. Holton

Artificial Insemination from Donor (AID) – From Status to Contract and Back Again?

by Yehezkel Margalit

Should Unclaimed Frozen Embryos be Considered Abandoned Property and Donated to Stem Cell Research?

by Beth E. Roxland & Arthur Caplan


In the Face of Strong Patent Rights: Using the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act to Combat Patent Abuse in International Commerce

by Diane Lu

From Nicaragua to Snowden: Chinese Domestic Internet Encryptio, National Security, and the WTO

by Drew Tobias

More Questions Than Answers? The Uncertainties Surrounding Reverse Payment Settlements in the Post-Actavis World

by Michael F. Werno

Case Update

Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l

by Jordana Goodman