Vol. 17.1 – Winter 2011


Privacy and Security in the Implementation of Health Information Technology (Electronic Health Records): U.S. and EU Compared
by Janine Hiller, Matthew C. McMullen, Wade M. Chumney, David L. Baumer

Reclassifying Reverse Passing Off as Failure to Contract or as False Advertising
by Malla Pollack


Heads in the Cloud, A Coming Storm The Interplay of Cloud Computing, Encryption, and the Fifth Amendment
by David Colarusso

Defining and Addressing Virtual Property in International Treaties
by Jennifer Z. Gong

Sixteen, Sexting, and a Sex Offender: How Advances in Cell Phone Technology Have Led to Teenage Sex Offenders
by Megan Sherman

Legal Update

Wrath of the EULA: Can the Use of Bots Lead to Copyright Infringement?
by Bill Hinsee