Vol. 16.1 – Winter 2010


Emerging Technology and Client Confidentiality: How Changing Technology Brings Ethical Dilemmas
by Louise L. Hill

Exploration of Potential Economics of Follow-on Biologics and Implications for Data Exclusivity Periods for Biologics
by John A. Vernon, Alan Bennett, Joseph H. Golec

Patent Pools and Genomics: Navigating a Course to Open Science?
by Ed Levy, Emily Marden, Ben Warren, David Hartell, Isaac Filate


Knowledge and Misfeasance: Tiffany v. eBay and the Knowledge Requirement of Contributory Trademark Infringement
by Matthew C. Berntsen

Genetic Predispositions v. Present Disabilities: Why Genetically Predisposed Asymptomatic Individuals are not Protected by the Amended ADA
by Carly B. Eisenberg

Legal Update

Tafas v. Dudas and Tafas v. Doll: The Problem of Efficient Innovation
by Kevin Myhre