Vol. 21.2 – Summer 2015


Patents as Data Aggregators in Personalized Medicine
by Dan L. Burk

Diagnostics Need Not Apply
by Rebecca S. Eisenberg

Regulatory Competitive Shelters in the Area of Personalized Medicine
by Yaniv Heled

The Critical Role of Patents in the Development, Commercialization and Utilization of Innovative Genetic Diagnostic Tests and Personalized Medicine
by Christopher M. Holman

False Sovereigns and Poor Stewards: Why Copyright Law Should Liberate the Transformative Author
by Johan David Michels

Describing Black-Box Medicine
by W. Nicholson Price


A Hybrid Approach to Analyzing Authorization in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
by Matthew Gordon

Digital Assets and Intestacy
by Laura McCarthy

Fair Play: Economic Justifications for Applying Fair Use to the Online Streaming of Video Games
by James Puddington

Case Update

ABC, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc.
by William Sterling