Vol. 19.2 – Summer 2013


Humans and Humans+: Technological Enhancement and Criminal Responsibility
by Susan W. Brenner

An Infamous Illustration of Patent Infringement Pleading: Form 18 and Context-Specificity
by Andrew C. Michaels

Cybersecurity Policy for the Electricity Sector: The First Step to Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Threats
by Zhen Zhang


Holy Fandom, Batman! Commercial Fan Works, Fair Use, and the Economics of Complements and Market Failure
by Christina Chung

Flags of Convenience and the Commercial Space Flight Industry: The Inadequacy of Current International Law to Address the Opportune Registration of Space Vehicles in Flag States
by Adrian Taghdiri

Individualism and Republicanism in the Intellectual Property Clause
by Stuart V. C. Duncan-Smith