Vol. 18.2 – Summer 2012


A Generation of Software Patents
by James Bessen

Sunlight Without Sunburns: Balancing Public Access and Privacy in Ballot Measure Disclosure Laws
by Jacob Gardener

The Neutralization of Harmony: The Problem of Technological Neutrality, East and West
by Marcelo Thompson


Copyright in Cyberspace: Why Owners Should Bear the Burden of Identifying Infringing Materials under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
by Anna Katz

Tiffany v. eBay: Its Impact and Implications on the Doctrines of Secondary Trademark and Copyright Infringement
by Andrew Lehrer

Another Step in the Evolution of E-Discovery: Amendments of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Yet Again?
by Julia M. Ong

Solar Power Satellites: The Right to a Spot in the World
by Aleksey Shtivelman