Vol. 17.2 – Summer 2011


Permanent Injunctive Relief for Trade Secret Misappropriation Without an Express Limit Upon its Duration: The Uniform Trade Secrets Act Reconsidered
by Richard F. Dole

Patent Infringement in Outer Space in Light of 35 U.S.C.
by Theodore U. Ro, Matthew J. Kleiman & Kurt G. Hammerle


Cracks in the Armor?: The Future of the Communications Decency Act and Potential Challenges to the Protections of Section 230 to Gossip Web Sites
by Michael Burke

The Evidentiary Value of Automatically Transcribed Voicemail Messages
by George Cornell

Webcasting and Interactivity: Problems and Solutions
by Tyler Hardman

Legal Update

How Technologically Savvy Do You Have to be to Apply Zippo?: An Approach to Internet Personal Jurisdiction After Fancaster and Edvisors
by Joshua Beldner