Our Team

Our team is organized as generalists, many of whom are deeply experienced specialists, enabling each one, individually and collectively, to contribute to our investment and portfolio management decisions.

Office number: 617-358-4913
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  • Madeline Brandts

    Investment Associate

  •  Brian Erickson

    Brian Erickson

    Director of Investments

  • Chuck Haigh

    Chuck Haigh

    Director of Investments

  • Lila Hunnewell

    Lila Hunnewell

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Connor Kozin

    Connor Kozin

    Investment Associate

  • Sarah McLoughlin

    Office Manager

  • Andrew Schwert

    Andrew Schwert

    Associate Investment Director

  • Dan Steele

    Dan Steele

    Director of Investments

  •  Frank C Vitiello

    Frank C. Vitiello

    Investment Operations Director

  • Michael Yablon

    Investment Analyst