Meet the Semi-Finalists of the New Venture Competition

Get ready for an exciting showdown as 20 teams of BU students and recent alumni advance to the New Venture Competition semi-finals! Chosen from a pool of nearly 150 applications, they’re competing for $72,000 in prizes.

Watch the awards ceremony at Innovator’s Night, our largest party of the year, on April 25 at 6:00pm! You’ll get to hear fast-paced pitches, meet inspiring young innovators and entrepreneurs, and network with hundreds of attendees from across Boston! Get your free ticket here >

General Track

This track is open to for-profit ideas from all sectors

CipherSonic Labs
We provide a game-changing cybersecurity solution for enterprises dealing with privacy issues while processing data in the cloud.

InnoAddi is revolutionizing the footwear industry with our personalized, smart shoe platform, we create footwear that doesn’t just fit feet – it fits lives.

JumperLabs is a STEM education technology company, focused on developing an interactive engineering course/project database, with a kit-focused procurement service tied into our machine-learning-driven guided learning system. We hope to improve the overall quality of engineering design intuition through the introduction of a Montessori-like teaching style to higher-level STEM education.

Microvitality revolutionizes therapeutic development with its patented 3D-printed, gut microbiome sampling pill that enables noninvasive sampling of the largely inaccessible small intestine. The company aims to uncover the microbiome’s mysteries, becoming a key partner in drug development and allowing pharmaceutical companies to create unprecedented, life-saving therapeutics for patients lacking targeted solutions.

OpenLake makes it easy for small and medium businesses to handle their data. Our solutions enable you to automatically move, change, and use your data, reducing your costs and ultimately driving growth.

PerioSense is an electronic Dental Periodontal Probe that can revolutionize how dentists evaluate gum health. Our device makes the process faster, easier, and more accurate!

PROMUNCH is a simple yet strikingly nutrition-dense snack to help you complete your daily protein fix. Our snacks, like PROMUNCH, have 48% plant-based protein, and are vegan, gluten-free and roasted!

Sivie is an app that empowers users to cultivate meaningful connections within a trusted network of 50 friends and fosters real-world engagement through planned events and collaborative posts. The app provides a pipeline for users to find events hosted by small businesses, encouraging them to get off their phones and into the real world.

SmartView Systems
We are building a system that provides real-time environmental monitoring using AI to eliminate information overload caused by current environmental systems. SmartView Systems will allow users to learn from their data like never before.

Soregen is an early-stage pre-clinical platform developing an injectable method of regenerating deep wounds through rapid vascularization.

Social Impact

This track is for ideas whose main objective is to provide large-scale, positive economic, social, cultural, or environmental change and/or whose mission focuses on a significant segment of traditionally underserved, neglected, or disadvantaged populations.

Connect+ is a peer-consultation platform that helps first-generation students and alumni to build a generational wealth of resources and networks.

iLearn-US is a centralized app that will act as an informational hub to guide and support immigrants in navigating life in the United States in a language setting of their native tongue. It will include services such as health/wellness, household activities, finances, English language learning, career services, and navigation.

Math Sprouts
Math Sprouts is a childcare center for 2-4 year olds that focuses on holistic child development and specializes in mathematics learning.

Metsa empowers farmers with technology-driven solutions to market Indian superfoods like millets and moringa, boosting income, supporting SDGs, and promoting a sustainable supply chain. The company’s success in India paves the way for U.S. expansion, focusing on nutritional diversity and consumer trust through advanced food processing and a decentralized distribution network.
Screening for dementia clinical trials is expensive and time consuming due to protocols with stringent etiology requirements. Our team aims to leverage the advanced AI technology to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of the screening process.

Orchestra is a symphony of young professional musicians that assists recent graduates and students in their early careers while introducing classical music to younger audiences and new venues. The long-term plan is to establish an accessible music school in Boston that provides music education to the community through scholarships.

Our Kitchen: Culinary Commons
Our Kitchen: Culinary Commons is a network of public kitchens that serves as essential societal infrastructure to transform how communities approach food justice and empower individuals to lead well-nourished lives. These communal spaces provide cooking facilities, food-related programming, shared meals, and access to food resources.

SQRL is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform that connects small sustainable businesses seeking funding to large corporations who want to play a bigger role in supporting sustainable business by partnering with local initiatives that have been vetted/certified as credible entities.

TLW Ozone Solution
TLW Ozone Solution provides green, sustainable water treatment solutions that reduce carbon footprints and empower industries to adopt eco-friendly practices. The company designs and produces ozone generators and containers/trailers as efficient, innovative alternatives to traditional chemical-based water purification methods.

Visilant’s mission is to eliminate avoidable vision loss globally by developing mobile health and artificial intelligence technology to enable equitable access to high-quality eye care.

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