Meet the 2023 First-Year Innovation Fellows

Welcome to another year of innovation! 

We’re excited to introduce this year’s 2023 First-Year Innovation Fellowship program cohort. These young innovators are poised to change the world, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve!

Meet the 2023 First-Year Innovation Fellows: 

  • Adiyaan Ahamad (he/him) (CAS’27) from London, England, is studying Economics.
  • Abdulla Alajmi (he/him) (CAS’27) from Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, is studying Computer Science.
  • Krish Asija (he/him) (CAS’27) from Grafton, Massachusetts, is studying Physics and Computer Science.
  • Emma Auth (she/her) (CAS’27) from Wellesley, Massachusetts, is studying at the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Benjamin Brosnahan (he/him) from Anchorage, Alaska, is studying at the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS ’27).
  • Richard Casimir (he/him) (QST’27) from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is studying Business Administration.
  • Isaac Saadia Cohen (he/him) (QST’27) from Mexico City, Mexico, is studying at Questrom School of Business.
  • Chris Coltman (he/him) (CAS’27) from Tokyo, Japan, is studying Philosophy.
  • Liam Donohue (he/him) (CAS’27) from Morristown, New Jersey, is studying Film and Media Studies and Entrepreneurship.
  • Rania Gaston (she/her) (QST’27) from Queens, New York, is studying Business Administration.
  • Kal Hawley (they/them) (COM’27) from Corbett, Oregon, is studying Film & Television.
  • Paige Jalosinski (she/her) (CFA’27) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is studying Graphic Design.
  • Josh Jana (he/him) (QST’27) from Edison, New Jersey, is studying Marketing and Music.
  • Katrina Jreidini (she/her) (CAS’27) from Beirut, Lebanon, is studying Astronomy and Physics.
  • Mya Kelly (she/her) (CAS’27) from Owensboro, Kentucky, is studying Psychology.
  • Joonho (Joshua) Kim (he/him) (CDS’27) from Seoul, Republic of Korea, is studying Data Science.
  • Megan Kwan (she/her) (CFA’27) from Framingham, Massachusetts, is studying Painting.
  • Emilia Lacy (she/her) (CFA’27) from Foxborough, Massachusetts, is studying Music and Political Science.
  • Brianna Matey (she/her) (CAS’27) from Brooklyn, New York, is studying Computer Science.
  • Susan McGowan (she/her) (CAS’27) from Cleveland, Ohio, is studying Political Science and American Studies.
  • Lauren Mcleod (she/her) (CAS’27) from St. Louis, Missouri, is studying Neuroscience.
  • Alexia Nastasia (she/her) from St. Louis Missouri & Brasov, Romania, is studying International Relations & Anthropology.
  • Treshan Nilaweera (he/him) (QST’27) from River Vale, New Jersey, is studying Business Administration.
  • Gia Shin (she/her) (COM’27) from Tenafly, New Jersey, is studying Journalism and Marketing.
  • Sarina Sodha (she/her) (CAS’27) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is studying Cellular/Molecular Biology & Genetics.
  • Jeremiah Somoine (he/him) (CAS’27) from Nairobi, Kenya, is studying Computer Science and Mathematics.
  • Kavya Subramanian (she/her) (CAS’27) from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is studying Computer Science.
  • Sara Sugita (she/her) (CAS’27) from Tokyo, Japan, is studying International Relations.
  • Bryce Thompson (he/him) (QST’27) from Atlanta, Georgia, is studying Marketing.
  • Jadon Tong (he/him) (CAS’27) from Hong Kong, is studying Philosophy & Psychology.
  • Sanmay Yadav (he/him) (ENG’27) from Gurgaon, Haryana, India, is studying Computer Engineering.
  • Amy Zheng (she/her) (QST’27) from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is studying Marking and Finance.
  • Baiwen Zheng (she/her) (CAS’27) from New York City, New York, is studying Computer Science.
  • Ellen Zheng (she/her) (ENG’27) from New York City, New York, is studying Electrical Engineering.

About the program

The First-Year Innovation Fellowship is a unique program designed exclusively for first-year students. It’s a year-long commitment that provides invaluable guidance and mentorship for students with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ventures. Fellows have the opportunity to work closely with mentors and can even secure up to $500 in seed grants to kickstart their projects. 

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