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The Boston University International Law Journal launched its ILJ Voices blog series in the summer of 2020.  ILJ Voices exists to give practicing attorneys, law academics, and select students a platform to publish short discussions on international law and related topics.  We look forward to posting numerous blogs each year, each of which will be put through the same editorial process as an article published in our print and online article editions.


Tailoring BSA/AML Risk Assessment to Combat Forced Labor in Supply Chains

By Tyler HeneghanJuly 30th, 2020in ILJ Voices

By: Shirley Duquene (BUSL '21) Forced labor generates an estimated $150 billion dollars of profits annually; these illegal proceeds are likely to pass through the banking system. Thus, it is crucial that financial institutions identify, monitor, and report transactions suspected to involve forced labor proceeds both in order to comply with anti-money laundering... More

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Taking the Rights of Asylum Seekers Seriously: A Judicial Review of The US-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement in Canadian Federal Court

By Tyler HeneghanJuly 27th, 2020in ILJ Voices

By: Tally Kritzman-Amir On June 22, 2020, The Canadian Federal Court declared the US-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement unconstitutional. Under this agreement, which has been implemented since 2004, persons arriving into Canada from the US through land port of entries would be ineligible to apply for asylum. This blog post seeks... More

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