Mahmoud Mohammadi Khomeini

portraits_Page_10Mr. Mahmoud Mohammadi Khomeini is a teacher trainer, curriculum coordinator, administrator, and marketing specialist at the Sokhane Ashna Language School, one of the most highly regarded private foreign-language academies in Iran. In addition to leading several English-language classes, Mr. Mohammadi runs pre-service and in-service teacher professional development programs and assesses individual teacher performance. He further contributes to the school’s promotion and marketing strategies and interviews prospective students. A respected educational author, Mr. Mohammadi has produced a number of publications including a series of four textbooks, which cover aspects of English grammar that tend to confuse Iranian learners through culture-based dialogues and other exercises. He has also produced multimedia materials on English diction and vocabulary.

Mr. Mohammadi holds a bachelor’s degree in English translation from the Roudehen Branch of Islamic Azad University, Tehran.

During his Humphrey Fellowship year, Mr. Mohammadi aims to develop his expertise in educational product development, ELT, and project/business management. After returning to Iran, he plans to develop a variety of new products for English-language teaching (ELT) using his original method, MTAM (Mother Tongue Acquisition Model), and he hopes to establish an international organization dedicated to ELT material production.