Beatriz Gonzalez

portraits_Page_09Ms. Beatriz Gonzalez serves as Advisor in the General Directorate of Seafarers of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA). She is currently working on the implementation of the New Seafarers´ Automated Application System (SAA), a global initiative of the Consulates of the Republic of Panama and PMA offices throughout the world, which reduces courier costs and time, enhances security, and certifies the competency and licensing of seafarers. Ms. Gonzalez successfully implemented the SAA at PMA offices in Seoul, New York and Dubai and at Consulates of the Republic of Panama, which account for approximately 30% of all PMA-issued seafarer licenses. Ms. Gonzalez also works on the development and implementation of other PMA projects, analyzes PMA incomes, and analyzes data on seafarers aboard Panamanian flag vessels.

In 2012, Ms. Gonzalez earned a bachelor’s degree in maritime and ports engineering from the Technological University of Panama. In 2014, she obtained a master of science in maritime affairs from the World Maritime University, in Malmö, Sweden.

During her Fellowship year, Ms. Gonzalez aims to strengthen her leadership skills and deepen her understanding of the development and implementation of public policies for seafarers in the United States. Upon her return to Panama, she plans to develop public policies that strengthen PMA certification and training systems.