Nermin Ali Ahmed

Nermin Helmy Ali Ahmed has over five years of experience in the financial development sector, concentrating in entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. Nermin is currently a Project Coordinator at Plan International, which emphasizes community engagement and ownership as the means to address the needs of children around the world. Her responsibilities include: leading the preparation and implementation of work plans, coordinating project activities with other organizations, and designing feedback mechanisms to ensure efficiency. Previously, she was Project Manager and Co-Founder of Accelerate Consulting and Development, where she worked with entrepreneurs to develop small and medium-sized enterprises in Egypt in coordination with USAID.

Nermin holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cairo University, as well as a Master’s degree in Investment and Finance from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. Her thesis, titled “The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of the Business Sector and Government: An Overview of the Environmental, Social governance Index”, was presented at the 11th International Corporate Social Responsibility Conference in Lahti, Finland.

During her Humphrey year, Nermin aims to expand her knowledge of economic development and empowerment, focusing particularly on youth entrepreneurship. She also seeks to expand her professional network and improve her leadership and policy advocacy skills.