Mounia Diyane

Mounia Diyane is a Magistrate Judge at the Court of Accounts of Morocco. During her tenure, she has worked to thoroughly investigate and pass judgement on public finance. She regularly performs public financial audits, public management audits, and public accountability audits.  Previously Mounia worked as the Vice Director of Regional public procurement.

Mounia earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Moulay Ismaïl University in Meknes, Morocco and a master’s of advanced studies (MAS) in Audit and Control from Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez, Morocco. She holds a diploma from the High Institute of Administration (ISA) of Morocco.
As a Humphrey fellow, Mounia seeks to enhance her knowledge of American financial markets to explore new tools that can help to implement a sustainable financial system in Morocco, while expanding her professional network.