Fozilet Simoni



Mrs. Fozilet Simoni is a curriculum quality assurance specialist at the Regional Directorate of Education in Tirana, Albania. She oversees public and private school curriculum development and school management at over 100 schools throughout Albania’s capital. She has also served as the Director of National Initiatives in Tirana, managing such wide-ranging projects as a campaign against drug and alcohol abuse and an initiative to promote inclusive education for children with disabilities. She has over twenty years of experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at the secondary level. She serves on the board of directors of the English Language Teachers Association of Albania (ELTA) and has presented on on curriculum planning, teaching methodology, project management, and other topics throughout the country.

Ms. Simoni obtained the equivalent of an integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree in English-language instruction from University of Tirana.

As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Simoni plans to advance her expertise in communicative language teaching (CLT), an approach that emphasizes interaction and problem solving as both the means and goal of language learning. Upon her return to Albania, she plans to design communicative approach-based teaching workshops for secondary level English-language teachers across the country.