Jianmin Tang

JianminJianmin Tang is currently a professor and deputy dean of the College of Foreign Languages at Shandong University of Science and Technology in China. She is in charge of the design and implementation of the English curriculum for non-English majors.

Over the years, Ms. Tang has not only enhanced the language skills of many Chinese English language learners, but through curriculum reforms, she has helped broaden students’ perspectives by integrating culture into language education programs. She is also co-editor of several textbooks and has published over twenty academic papers.

Ms. Tang holds a BA in English language and literature and earned her master of philosophy in higher education from the University of Oslo, Norway.

As a Humphrey fellow, she intends to enrich her knowledge of pedagogy, language acquisition, and research methods through coursework and the exchange of best practices with her counterparts from across the world. Moreover, she plans to develop her leadership abilities in higher education management and administration.