Isikeli Voceduadua

IsikeliIsikeli Voceduadua is the director of the Debt & Cash Flow Management Unit at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Fiji. Previously, Mr. Voceduadua worked as a financial market analyst for the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF). He was in charge of the implementation of monetary policy through the flotation of RBF notes, monitoring interbank activity, issuance of government securities, and repo markets. He assisted the government in the second raising of Fiji’s global bond in the international market, totaling $250 million in 2011; the implementation of “Viti Bonds” which target retail investors; and by training accounts officers on techniques of efficient cash flow forecasting.

Mr. Voceduadua holds a graduate degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in economics & management from the University of the South Pacific.

During his Humphrey year, Mr. Voceduadua plans to study standards, best practices, and innovations in transaction banking, risk management, debt instruments, and research and development. He would like to expand his professional network and improve his managerial and leadership skills in order to address financial and economic challenges in Fiji.