Fatima Al-Mutawakel

FatimaFatima Al-Mutawakel is the director and founder of the AWAM Institute, an organization dedicated to teaching English to women in Yemen. Previously, she administered the English Department at the Petroleum and Mineral Training Center in Sana’a and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Oil and Minerals in Yemen. Ms. Al-Mutawakel was an English instructor at Exceed Language Center in Sana’a for three years. There, she developed her skill in using the communicative approach to teach English as a second language.

Ms. Al-Mutawakel has a bachelor’s in English language education from the Faculty of Education at Sana’a University, where she also earned her graduate degree in curricula and methods of teaching English.

As a Humphrey fellow, she intends to enhance her knowledge in the field of educational and business administration and network-based language teaching. She hopes to develop her managerial skills, learn about public relations, and establish professional ties with counterparts in the United States.