Faculty Handbook

Definition of the Faculty

The Faculty of Boston University consists of:

  • Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors
  • Those with professorial titles modified by “Research,” “Clinical,” and “of the Practice”
  • Lecturers of all ranks
  • Instructors

The terms “school” and “college” shall be construed to include the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences.1

The term “dean” shall be construed to include the Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences except with regard to the appointments of deans and deans emeriti.

Overview of Handbook

This Faculty Handbook is a collection of policies that apply specifically to faculty members, related to their unique role(s) in the University. Unless otherwise stated, these policies apply to all full-time faculty employed by Boston University regardless of Tenure-Track, Tenured, or Non-Tenure-Track status. Faculty at the Medical Campus, including those who are compensated through Faculty Practice Plans, are subject to different policies regarding Continuance or Non-continuance and/or Benefits.

Individual Schools and Colleges have additional or more explicit criteria, procedures, and expectations that are consistent with this Handbook. Details regarding implementation of matters such as appointment, promotion, the award of Tenure, salary increases, and related conditions of employment for faculty are available from the office of the dean of the appropriate School or College.

An individual’s acceptance of employment at Boston University is sufficient to make the terms of the University’s policies applicable without further notice or agreement. These policies are subject to change by the University with or without previous notice.

More Information

Benefit plans that cover both faculty and staff members are administered by the Benefits Section of the Office of Human Resources. Such benefit plans include the Boston University Retirement Plan, Supplemental Retirement and Savings Plan, Health and Dental Plans, Survivor Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, and Tuition Remission. Descriptions of these plans and other benefits available to faculty are contained in the Boston University Faculty and Staff Benefits Handbook, available from the Benefits Section of the Office of Human Resources.

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The Office of the Provost makes every effort to keep this website current, and we welcome updates and new information from faculty and staff. Please contact us with any information that you think may be useful.

1The Board of Trustees voted to establish the “Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences” as a degree- granting academic unit to be led by the Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences as presented on September 20, 2019.