Global Bazaar

Saturday, September 16th
BU Beach- 270 Baystate Road, Boston, MA

Featuring artisan goods from international and immigrant communities, and cultural organizations from the Boston area. 

Interested in being a vendor? Please send us an email at with information about your business, including website, samples of your products and why you should be part of this bazaar.

Confirmed Vendors:

Celebrity Series of Boston | Website

Celebrity Series of Boston is a non-profit performing arts presenting organization. Their mission is to present performing artists who inspire and enrich the community. They believe in the power of excellence and innovation in the performing arts to enrich life experience, transform lives, and build better communities. They envision a community of Greater Boston where the performing arts are a valued, life-long, shared experience — on stages, on streets, in neighborhoods — everywhere.

Cross-Cultural Collaborative | Website

Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. is an educational organization that promotes cultural exchange and understanding. Their programs emphasize multigenerational and multicultural collaborations encouraging participants to find rewards in different forms of creativity. They bring artists from different cultures together in a supportive environment where they can get to know each other through the language of Art. At the core of their program is the belief that interaction between African and non-African artists enriches the creativity of both groups.

Desi Khapoor Bazzar | Website

Desi Khapor Bazzar takes immense pride in curating and presenting a captivating range of exquisite traditional clothing hailing from the rich cultural tapestries of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Their endeavor is to bring the charm and elegance of these time-honored attires to the United States, providing a gateway for those with a deep appreciation for the heritage and aesthetics of these regions. With a diverse assortment that spans a myriad of styles, fabrics, and designs, Desi Khapor Bazzar is your one-stop destination for embracing the allure of traditional wear. Whether you’re attending a special celebration, cultural event, or simply yearn to infuse your wardrobe with a touch of authenticity, their collection offers a versatile array of choices that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Weekend Weems | Website

Weekend Weems gathers a collection of meticulously handcrafted earrings and accessories that are designed to add a touch of creativity and individuality to your style. Each piece is thoughtfully made with passion and attention to detail, ensuring that you’ll not only wear a product, but also a piece of art. Discover the perfect complement to your outfit, or find a unique gift that expresses your thoughtfulness. Here you can find a world of beauty and charm, and adorn yourself with their handmade treasures that celebrate both fashion and craftsmanship.

Zhanar | Website

Zhanna Zhumatay is an artist from Kazakhstan currently studying foundation painting at Boston University. Under the name of Zhanar, she creates mesmerizing watercolor tales, that tell stories of her hometown. Trough landscapes and still life, her artworks evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder. With each stroke of the brush, she weaves vibrant stories that beautifully depict the rich tapestry of her homeland, and the places she has visited.

Tipping Cow Ice Cream | Website

Tipping Cow Ice Cream is a family-owned business that aims to build community over their love for Ice Cream. With a legacy on culinary arts and fine dining services, the Adrien-Lindsey family continue working on growing the brand from their imaginations and passions for food. They enjoy sharing they traditional flavors and an array of new creations with other ice cream lovers interested in trying fun, creative, and decadent flavors since May 2018. They have created over a hundred new flavors in five years. 

Kawoq Accesorios | Website

Kawoq creates timeless allure of Mayan heritage through a captivating collection of traditional handmade. Each piece tells a story steeped in history, crafted by the skilled hands. Kawoq provides the opportunity to adorn yourself with these intricate treasures, merging ancient traditions with contemporary designs. Embark on a journey that embraces the spirit of the Mayan people, and let their accessories and clothing intertwine to create a breathtaking ensemble that celebrates both culture and style.

QuyaKusi Accessories | Website

QuyaKusi, “Happy Queen,” is a Peruvian jewelry brand birthed as a celebration of the owner’s Peruvian heritage, its beautifully colorful indigenous stones, recognizable patterns, designs and details. QuyaKusi means “Happy Queen” in Quechua, one of the main indigenous languages spoken by the people of Peru. QuyaKusi  aims to share with you high quality designed and handcrafted jewelry from select artisans (including family owned) in Peru.

Lend a Hand Designs | Website

Lend a Hand Designs creates hand sewn journals & sketchbooks. These books are made from materials that are both new & old, saving things from otherwise ending up in the landfill. They are blank and ready to be used as a diary, a sketchbook, an exercise log book, a keeper of your lists, a place to press your flowers, or whatever else you can dream up for these one of a kind books.

Jean Arinaye |

Their products strength is the transformative power of their meticulously crafted cosmetics, designed with your skin’s utmost well-being in mind. Experience the natural goodness that brings relief to even the most sensitive skin, including those dealing with eczema. Their soothing soaps work wonders, gently erasing rashes and blemishes, revealing your skin’s radiant potential. Discover a realm where beauty and wellness converge, and embrace the confidence that comes from feeling your best every day.

WBUR | Website
WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, is a public media leader committed to exceptional journalism on-air, online, on demand and on stage. Their mission is to serve the public, report the truth and enrich lives. WBUR reaches 7 million listeners across the country each week with two national programs, On Point and Here & Now. A pioneering podcaster, WBUR’s iLab produces critically acclaimed shows such as Endless Thread, Anything For Selena, Circle Round, and Consider This (NPR’s first national-local daily news podcast). WBUR is home to Boston’s largest radio newsroom and reports original, local stories throughout the day that provide insight and cultural context to the community — helping to unite a diverse, complex and changing world.

Diamonds and Soulties | Website

Diamonds and Soulties offers a mix of style and quality as they collaborate with Turkish manufacturers based in the vibrant heart of Istanbul. Their passion for perfection shines through in every meticulously designed makeup pouch that graces their collection.