GH811 students need your help!

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October 27th, 2016

Team Hakuna Matata (aka Samantha Clark and Avnee Patel) is doing a survey for Dr. Andrew Stokes’s class, GH811 Applied Research Methods, on physical activity in BUSPH students.

The goal of our survey is to assess physical activity in the student community with the aim of providing recommendations to create more resources and opportunities for BUSPH students. The survey should take 10 minutes and all survey results are anonymous.

We really appreciate your time and support. Thank you!

Survey link:

Hi everyone! Our survey is assessing student engagement with the homelessness. Please help us out! We appreciate your time! – Lauren Sava

Hi all! 

For GH811 my group is looking into BUSPH student involvement with the opioid epidemic. Please fill out the survey on the opioid epidemic in the link below. Thank you! – Abby Morrison