Masters International Talk – Casey Leon RPCV 10/21

in GH Events
October 13th, 2016

Friday October 21, 1:00-2:00pm CT305

Please come and meet Casey León, an RPCV who currently works at Health Care for the Homeless, in order to learn about her Peace Corps experience as a community health volunteer and how it has influenced her career path.

 Casey León served in Puyo, Ecuador – a provincial capital in the Amazonian region of the country. Her main project was collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health and Department of Intercultural Health to improve medical services for indigenous patients in the provincial hospital. Her time spent with indigenous communities included flying in tiny planes deep into the jungle to land on machete-maintained airstrips, frequent spiritual cleansing by shamans, learning to shoot a blow gun, and spending a day playing with a baby monkey only to realize that dinner was momma monkey soup.

Other projects she worked on included conducting an analysis and intervention of the nutritional status of children within the Achuar nationality. She was also the vice president of the Gender and Development Committee, a nation-wide initiative providing scholarships, leadership camps, and training opportunities for hundreds of young underprivileged women.