Cybersecurity Experts Go to Washington

Sharon Goldberg briefs Congressional staffers on internet insecurities Expert panelists at a recent Capitol Hill cybersecurity briefing sponsored by BU and the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus: FTC Office of Technology, Research, and Investigation research director Joseph Calandrino (from left), Center for Democracy & Technology chief technologist Joseph Lorenzo Hall, and Sharon Goldberg, a CAS associate professor […]

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The Other 95%: The Unsecure Internet You Don’t Know About

Boston University Provost Jean Morrison and honorary co-hosts the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus hosted an illuminating panel discussion with leading researchers, policymakers, and government officials on the true breadth of Internet insecurity and what can (or can’t) be done to fix it.  Speakers:  Sharon Goldberg, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Boston University Joseph Hall, Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy & Technology […]

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