Manual Milling

EPIC Milling Machines

EPIC has four Series-1 Bridgeport vertical milling machines and one large ACRA LC-25VH combination vertical-horizontal milling machine.

Our Bridgeport mills have…

  • 31 to 36 inches of X-Axis Travel
  • 12 inches of Y-Axis Travel
  • 16 inches of Z-Axis “Knee” Travel
  • 5 inches of Quill Stroke

Our ACRA mill has…

  • 36 inches of X-Axis Travel
  • 16.5 inches of Y-Axis Travel
  • 17.5 inches of Z-Axis “Knee” Travel
  • 5 inches of Quill Stroke

Each machine has an articulating head that can “knod” and “tilt.” An additional “ram” can move the head in and out along the Y-Axis. Each mill is equipped with a 6-inch milling vise. EPIC has a number of milling accessories such as rotary-indexers, dividing heads, collet blocks, rotary tables, sine-vises, 1-2-3 blocks, 2-4-6 blocks, V-blocks, soft jaws, parallels, and much more.

Students, staff, and faculty can choose a milling tool from any of our wide variety of drills, end mills, shell mills, face mills, fly cutters, radius cutters, ball-nose end mills, boring heads, edge-finders, and indicators. Can’t find something? Ask a staff member.