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When students and educators hear the word “assessment,” they tend to think of tests, portfolios, final papers, and more. While these are valid and common forms of measuring student performance, according to BU's Center for Teaching & Learning it can be beneficial to consider assessment more broadly as “an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning." In this view, assessment covers any learning activity, both graded and ungraded, that instructors use as evidence for students’ progress toward the stated learning outcomes.

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The CTL resources below define assessment tasks; address guiding principles for in-person and remote teaching and learning; assessment management systems; and more.


Assessment Technology Tools

The following BU-sponsored tools are available to faculty, graduate student instructors, and academic leadership.

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Digital Learning & Innovation is committed to building learning communities and creating gathering places for Boston University leadership, faculty, and staff technology users to share ideas, meet and connect with colleagues, and discuss platforms designed to improve students’ learning experiences. All of our communities of practice meet via Zoom or in-person and are supported by Digital Learning & Innovation, Educational Technology, and Center for Teaching & Learning staff. Connect with a Learning Community.

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The Educational Technology team provides training in this area. Visit BU TechWeb for training information or schedule a consultation, email askedtech@bu.edu. View TechWeb workshops & trainings here.