MicroMasters®Program in Digital Leadership

**The Digital Leadership and Digital Product Management MicroMasters® Programs, available on edX.org between 2017 and 2021, are no longer offered at this time. The Digital Transformation Leadership MicroMasters® program is a re-imagined version of the two programs and combines the 5 core courses from both of those programs.**

What does it take to win in today’s digital economy? How do you deal with the disruption caused by digital technologies, evolving business models and a changing workforce?

BU Digital Learning & InnovationDigital leaders are in high demand as business increasingly relies on digital technologies. These leaders are tech savvy, data-driven and are able to inspire teams to engage in rapid experimentation that drives transformation and business outcomes. Given the scale of digital disruptions, the skills and perspectives of digital leaders are now required in every industry and job function: from operations to HR; accounting to product development; marketing to strategy.

In this Digital Leadership MicroMasters® program, participants developed the knowledge and capabilities to lead organizational change and transformation. They gained hands-on experience in understanding and articulating:

  • Strategies to drive and transform their business in the digital economy
  • How to drive business value through experimentation
  • Development of platform based strategies for growth
  • Negotiation and management of digital transformation projects
  • Effective people and team management strategies

The MicroMasters® certificates and MicroMasters® courses open other avenues of opportunity at Questrom School of Business. You can pursue our full-time Master of Science in Digital Technology (MSDT) graduate degree program. Your MicroMasters® program certificate waives 25% of the degree requirement making this an exciting seven-month program. Or you may want to consider combining a MicroMasters® course with our Questrom Executive Leadership Center programs. It’s up to you! Find our more about opportunities through Questrom Digital.


  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Leading in the Digital Age
  • Platform Strategy for Business
  • Driving Digital Innovation through Experimentation
  • Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an experimental capability to drive business outcomes.
  • Harness data to improve business decisions.
  • Lead people and teams in dynamic environments.
  • Transform your business model to succeed within digital disruptions.
  • Develop platform-based strategies for growth and innovation.

What’s a MicroMasters® program?

A MicroMasters® program is a series of higher-level courses derived from Universities master’s programs and endorsed by companies for relevant job advancement and deeper learning in a specific subject area. Students verifying, completing, and passing all courses in a MicroMasters® program receive an edX MicroMasters® credential, which can count towards Master’s degree credit if the learner applies to the university offering the credential and is accepted.

MicroMasters® program offerings allow learners to demonstrate capacity and mastery of material for a given career area, and enable edX partners to showcase the educational offerings of their institutions as well as viewing the capabilities and drive of potential student applicants to on-campus programs.


BU Digital Learning & Innovation



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