Digital Learning & Innovation: Call for Proposals

DL&I is pleased to announce our Spring 2019 Call for Proposals for Boston University faculty and staff to encourage ideas for experimental and creative uses of educational technology.

Submission Deadline: March 29, 2019

Are you excited about a potentially game-changing concept in educational innovation but don’t know where to turn for support? Is there some truly leading-edge idea that you would like to try in your teaching, if only someone could help you implement it? You might be a good candidate for our Seed Funding.

We fund and co-manage pilot projects that have the potential to positively change the way in which one or more of BU’s Schools and Colleges deliver value to students, both inside and outside the classroom. Our aspiration is to incubate projects that have lasting impact on how we do things at BU and position our university in the forefront of educational innovation.

We welcome any ideas you may have about how technology can be used to enhance our residential value proposition, reach new learners or engage our alumni and other outside constituencies in novel ways.

This year, we are particularly interested in proposals in the following areas:
• Project-Based and Work-Integrated Learning
• Mentoring and Advising
• Lifelong Learning & The Future of Work
• Instructional Transformation/Learning Technologies

Want to learn more? Attend an Information Session where you can ask questions, learn more about our seed funding process, and connect with the DL&I and others at BU about an initial idea you’re excited to explore.

Please see our information session schedule and submission deadline below. For more information about the select focus areas, proposal guidelines and selection process, please visit our website.

Bring us your ideas — we’ll help you vet and develop them!

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