CTL Services


Center consultants are happy to help groups of faculty think through ways to improve their students’ learning. Conversations might center around aspects such as course design, student evaluations, discussion-leading, lecturing, etc. To schedule an appointment for your group, please use our online consultation request form (in the comments section of the request form, please add names of all faculty group members).

Educational Technologies (e.g., Blackboard)

Center consultants often collaborate with colleagues in Educational Technologies to answer questions about teaching with technology. However, if you have a technical question about a specific tool (e.g., Blackboard, Adobe Creative Cloud, Turnitin) please schedule an appointment with an Educational Technologist by emailing askedtech@bu.edu. You can also find information about tech training on the TechWeb site

Learning Analysis Poll

Around the semester midpoint it’s a good idea to solicit feedback from students about how the course is going, and the CTL’s Learning Analysis Poll can help. Please click here to learn more about LAPs.

In-Class Observations

Using a variety of observation techniques, Center consultants can tailor an in-class observation so that instructors get specific and meaningful feedback about one or more aspects of their teaching. Click here to learn more about In-Class Observations.

Workshop for a Department or Group

Due to this period of transition at the Center for Teaching & Learning and our limited capacity, we are unable to fulfill requests for group or department workshops at this time.

If you’re not ready to request a workshop, but would like to start with an exploratory conversation, you are encouraged to contact Deborah Breen, CTL Director.


All consultations and observations are for professional development purposes only: learn how your privacy is protected.