Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 3.59.04 PMThe Hub’s website features general information on the Hub, its capacities, areas, and learning outcomes. It also has a growing list of pre-approved courses, advising information, and opportunities to engage with the Hub’s Cross-College Challenge (XCC).


BU Hub Events & Programs

The Center for Teaching & Learning hosts a number of BU Hub related information sessions, workshops, and institutes.

Events & Programs

CTL-Hub Teaching Collective

The Hub-CTL Teaching Collective is a new program offered by the BU Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) and the BU Hub that seeks to create sustainable opportunities for faculty leadership around Hub curricula and programming.

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BU Hub Teaching Resources

The CTL has developed a collection of teaching resources that faculty may find useful for developing or enhancing Hub courses.

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Hub Curriculum Guide

Here you will find an overview of the BU Hub’s distinctive vision and conceptual framework for university-wide general education, together with program requirements, student learning outcomes, and other information to help guide your participation.

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Portfolios of the 20-21 Hub Fellows 


Interested in how faculty develop Hub courses? Here are portfolios that highlight each Fellow’s experience designing and teaching Hub courses.

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Course Enhancement Funds

The Hub Course Enhancement Fund provides funding so faculty can experiment with an innovative approach to teaching one or more of the BU Hub areas or take advantage of special opportunities for exciting general education learning experiences in BU Hub courses.