Center for Research in Sensory Communication & Emerging Neural Technology

The Center for Research in Sensory Communication and Emerging Neural Technology (CRESCENT) supports basic research in the neuroscience of sensation and communication as well as technology development relevant to this research. The Center includes researchers studying sensory processing, perception, neural coding, speech, and language. Many of these researchers are involved in developing technologies useful for enhancing basic scientific study or for assisting humans with sensory or communication disorders.

CRESCENT’s mission is to promote the collaborative network of sensory communication research that cuts across existing institutional boundaries. Through our enrichment activities, the Center builds community, facilitates large-scale collaborations, enhances affiliated educational programs, and supports career development and mentoring of faculty members:

  • holding workshops and other scientific events,
  • developing and supporting large-scale, interdisciplinary, collaborative projects,
  • sponsoring outreach activities to encourage participation in relevant STEM research, and
  • hosting mentoring and community-building activities.

By engaging graduate students early in their careers with interdisciplinary research and training, CRESCENT will cultivate development of the next generation of scientists, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to address emerging questions in sensory neuroscience and communication sciences and disorders.