Theory & Algorithms

Most CISE research projects include elements of theoretical analysis and algorithm development. These projects study the capabilities and fundamental limitations of algorithms to better understand the computational tools utilized in various research fields. Researchers apply this knowledge to machine learning, data structures, optimization, computational biology, cryptography,geometric modeling, and other fields. Theory and algorithms anticipates the growing quantity and power of data and works to use algorithms to their full capacity. Research areas include: designing efficient data structure and algorithms, understanding the complexity of computational problems, and designing secure cryptographic systems.

Stealth Driverless Cars without Visible Light?

CISE Faculty Affiliate Professor Vivek Goyal (ECE) recently received a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) subaward for his work in connection with the agency’s Invisible Headlights program. Professor Goyal is working under an award to MIT entitled, Super Headlights: Superconducting Nanowire Detectors for Passive Infrared Sensing.  The DARPA Invisible Headlights program has a very […]

Cars that learn how to drive themselves by watching other cars

Self-driving cars are powered by machine learning algorithms that require vast amounts of driving data in order to function safely. But if self-driving cars could learn to drive in the same way that babies learn to walk—by watching and mimicking others around them—they would require far less compiled driving data. That idea is pushing Boston […]

Creating Safe, Energy-Efficient Buildings in a Post-Covid World

Smart building technology has been a growing trend in the commercial real estate sector to help building owners and other stakeholders automate processes, reduce costs, boost energy efficiency, and improve the comfort of tenants.  In a post-covid world, its adoption is expected to increase as safety amenities top the list of concerns of tenants planning […]

Ali Siahkamari Ties for First Place in the 2021 CISE Best Student Paper Award

Ali Siahkamari, Boston University PhD candidate (ECE), tied for first place in the 2021 CISE Best Student Paper Award Competition. His winning paper, entitled “Piecewise Linear Regression via a Difference of Convex Functions,” was published in Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning. This paper was co-authored with his advisor, CISE Faculty Affiliate, Associate Professor Brian […]

Francesco Orabona Wins NSF CAREER Award

CISE Faculty Affiliate, Assistant Professor Francesco Orabona (ECE, SE, CS) recently received a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his work on new, more automated, machine learning algorithms. Machine learning has begun to take over our digital lives. It can be found in automatic text suggestions […]

CAREER: Parameter-free Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) has been described as the fuel of the next industrial revolution. Yet, current state-of-the-art ML algorithms still heavily rely on having a human in the loop in order to work properly. Indeed, the training process of a ML algorithm requires significant human intervention through twisting and tuning of the many knobs of […]

New Frontiers in Self-driving Cars

 Lidar, used in most self-driving cars, models the world around them by creating 3D representations of a scene in view. Photo by John D. SL/Shutterstock One of the most promising developments born out of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge was the use of lidar technology in self-driving cars, also known as autonomous vehicles (AVs).  […]

Joshua Rapp wins the 2020 IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Award

Boston University alumnus Joshua Rapp (Ph.D. ECE ’20) has won the 2020 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award. This prestigious award will be presented to Dr. Rapp by IEEE Signal Processing Society President Ahmed Tewfik at the ICASSP 2021 in Toronto, Canada, June 6-11, 2021. Rapp was a student of CISE faculty […]