Advancing COVID-19 Drug Development via Network Analysis

CISE Faculty Affiliate Mark Crovella (Prof., CS, Bioinformatics)

CISE Faculty Affiliate Mark Crovella (Prof., CS, Bioinformatics) has teamed up with Simon Kasif (Prof., BME, CS, Bioinformatics) and other CS researchers from across the U.S. to advance COVID-19 drug development via Network Analysis.

The researchers are co-developing a machine learning methodology to analyze viral and human protein-protein interaction networks.  Through this work, the researchers aim to advance our understanding of the biological processes affected by SARS-CoV-2 and the human cells it infects.

This computational analysis has also produced numerous novel predictions of the potential of nodes in the network that can be targeted by repositioning existing safe drugs to inhibit the circuitry used by the virus to replicate and infect human cells. With this work, the researchers have showcased the promise of collaborations, public data sharing, and agile deployment of machine learning methods to develop therapeutics for emerging infectious diseases and clinical challenges more generally.

This story was first published on BU CS News Nov. 4th, 2020.