The Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism works with those that need health resources to give them options in how to get the information they need.

The CGSA also has free condoms, dental dams, tampons, and pads available to all students!

Boston University Resources

Student Health Services
Provide primary and gynecological care or 617-353-3575

Behavioral Medicine
Provide counseling, referrals and some medication management or 617-353-3569

Sargent Choice Nutrition Center
Provide consulting services and information on the Sargent
Choice healthy dining program or 617-353-2721

Boston Area Resources

Planned Parenthood
This link is for the health center at 1055 Commonwealth Ave which provides a variety of sexual and reproductive health resources for all genders.

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)
Only rape crisis center in Boston that provides a 24 hour hot line, 24 hour medical advocacy, counseling, and legal advocacy or 617-492-8306 or 24 hour hot line: 800-841-8371

Online Resources

Types of Contraception: Pros and Cons, Successes and Failures

Bedsider – awesome site focused on birth control & reproductive health (but pretty heteronormative)

Emergency Contraception – can be purchased at Planned Parenthood, Student Health Services, or any local pharmacy without a subscription by anyone over the age of 17

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Information fro the Center for Disease Controls (CDC)


Environmental Alternatives to Mainstream Products

Emotional Health

Half of Us – a campaign working to open the dialogue and raise awareness of metal health issues on college campuses