Swathi Kiran


Director, Center for Brain Recovery

2001, Ph.D. Northwestern University (Speech Language Pathology)  
1998, M.A Northwestern University (Speech Language Pathology)
1995, B. Sc. All India Institute of Speech & Hearing (Speech Path /Audiology)

Founding Director, Center for Brain Recovery. Director of Aphasia Research Laboratory. James and Cecilia Tse Ying Professor of Neurorehabilitation Department of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences.

Research interests: Neuroscience, Brain Plasticity, Language Recovery, Rehabilitation, Bilingualism

My Recent CV:

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Watch my recent talk at TedxBU

Watch my recent talk at the 2021 Brain Imaging Research Center at the University Of Connecticut

Watch 2018 talk for the  C-STAR online aphasia lecture 


2020- present  Scientific Advisor, Co-Founder, Constant Therapy Health

2020- present  Steering Committee, Hariri Institute of Computing and Computational Sciences, Boston University

2020- present  Member, Faculty for Computing and Data Sciences, Boston University

2018- present  Associate Dean for Research, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Boston University

2018- present  Faculty, Boston University Neurophotonics Center (NPC)

2017- 2020      Consultant, The Learning Corporation (FKA Constant Therapy)

2016- 2020      Faculty, Hariri Institute of Computing and Computational Sciences, Boston University

2014-present   Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Boston University Sargent College of Health Sciences

2014-present   Faculty, Center for Systems Neuroscience, Boston University

2012-2017       Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Advisor, Constant Therapy

2010-present   Faculty, Joint Programmatic Appointment, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience, Boston University

2009-present   Member, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, Boston University

Professional Activities:


2021                            Board Member, National Aphasia Association

2020                            Chair, Board of Governors, Academy of Aphasia

2020                            Section Editor, Neuropsychologia

2019                            Associate Editor, Brain and Language

2018                            Board of Governors, Academy of Aphasia

2019                            Associate Editor, Brain and Language,

2018                            Conference Chair, Clinical Aphasiology Conference

2018                            Associate Editor, Frontiers In Neurology: Stroke

2017                            Program Chair, Clinical Aphasiology Conference

2016- present  Review Editor, Frontiers in Psychology: Cognition

2016- present  Editorial Board, Bilingualism Language and Cognition


2019                            Standing Member, NIH LCOM panel

2019                            Committee Member, ASHA Lessons for Success Conference

2017                            Organizer, Aphasia and Language Recovery Symposium. Boston University, CRESCENT, Hariri Institute of Computing and Computational Sciences

2017                            Chairperson, NIDCD VSL Special Emphasis Panel

2016- present  Ad-hoc member, VA Merit Review Panel, NIH F01B, LCOM, CDRC panels

2016                            Faculty Mentor, ASHA Lessons for Success Conference

2015- present  Member, Research and Education Committee, Aphasia Access

2011-2015       Standing Member, NIH/NIDCD CDRC review panel

2014-2015       Member, Strategic Planning Committee for ASHA Journals Program.

2011- Present  Member, Organizing Committee, NIDCD R13 DC006295: Research Symposium in Clinical Aphasiology

2014                            Reviewer, ASHA Grantsmanship and Reviewer Training Program. Organized by American Speech Language and Hearing Association and American Speech Language Foundation.

2010-2017       Associate Editor: Language, Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research


Externally Funded


2020- 2025      NIH/NIBIB 1U01EB029856-01. The Neuroscience of Everyday World- A novel wearable system for continuous measurement of brain function (MPI: Swathi Kiran)

2019-2022       NIH/NIDCD 1R01DC015961-01A1 Functional reorganization of the language and domain-general multiple demand systems in aphasia. MPI: Swathi Kiran ($3,594,247).

2018-2020       NIH/ NIBIB R01EB026998 Next-generation optical brain functional imaging platform (PI: Qianqian Fang; Role: subcontract)

2018-2023       NIH/NIDCD R13 1R13DC017375-01, Academy of Aphasia Research and Training Symposium. PI: Swathi Kiran ($192,618)

2016-2021       NIH/NIDCD 1U01DC014922. Predicting rehabilitation outcomes in bilingual aphasia using computational modeling. MPI: Swathi Kiran ($3,269,847)

2015-2017       ASHA Office of Multicultural Affairs. Projects on multicultural activities Development of a Free Online Interactive Naming Therapy for Bilingual Aphasia. PIs: Chaleece Sandberg, Teresa Gray, Swathi Kiran

2013-2018       NIDCD/NIH 1P50DC012283-01 Neurobiology of language recovery in aphasia, natural and treatment induced recovery. PI: Cynthia Thompson, ($7,500,000) Sub Project PIs Swathi Kiran (BU: $791,855)

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