Michelle Stransky

Research Assistant Professor, BMC

University of New Hampshire, PhD
University of New Hampshire, MA
Cedar Crest College, BA


I am a health services researcher and sociologist who examines health and health care outcomes among underserved populations. I conduct statistical analyses of nationally representative survey data to identify health disparities alongside thematic analyses of interview data to reveal the processes underlying such disparities. My work focuses on recommending improvements to policy and clinical practice that will reduce disparities. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds to design and conduct research that addresses the needs of populations of interest.



Center for The Urban Child and Healthy Family



20172018 Tufts University, Medford, MA: Lecturer Development Funds
2015 Academy Health Disability Research Interest Group: Student/Post-Doc Award to Attend the 2015 Disability Research Interest Group Meeting
20082009 University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH: Graduate School Travel Grant
2008University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH: Sociology Department Travel Grant
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